My Favourite Logic Pro X Features in v10.4.5

David Earl running a demo of Logic Pro X — Photo by Apple

One Thousand

  • 1000 stereo audio channel strips
  • 1000 software instrument channel strips
  • 1000 auxiliary channel strips
  • 1000 external MIDI tracks
  • 12 sends per channel strip

My Rundown


Only Load Plug-ins When Needed

Project settings > General

Toggle to Load/Unload all the Plug-ins

First is a regular click, second, the option-click.

Start Playback Wherever You Want

Redesigned and Improved Plug-ins

The new DeEsser 2
The new Expander

Store a Mixer Configuration as User Default

These are not my actual user defaults

More Apple Loops At Once

RX2 Files

Auto-erase Duplicates

Project settings > Recording


Create Marker by Cycle Area

Yes, that is my key command

Save As Defaults to the Current Project Type

Overlay Showing Position When Scrolling

General preferences > Display > Tracks
The overlay

More Redesigns


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Simone Silvestroni

Simone Silvestroni


Sound and web designer, I create and produce music and audio across multiple media and make websites using Jekyll or WordPress. Game audio engineer.